Balboa Park  |  2019

Balboa Park | 2019


On my first trip to Balboa Park, I was immediately struck by the park’s scale. With access to museums, gardens, cuisine and of course, the San Diego Zoo, it’s the kind of location that deserves multiple visits to adequately experience the beauty of what’s on offer.

I was visiting San Diego this week for a personal branding session with a client. This wasn’t my first time in the city, but my first chance to take the day & wander around.

Disclaimer: I’m from Seattle. This essentially means that I’ve traveled abroad, have internet access and am generally used to large metro areas. But for whatever reason, I always approach new experiences in tourist mode with a camera in hand and a child-like grin from ear to ear. It would be adorable if I weren’t nearing middle-age. Or perhaps it’s more so. Jury’s out.

I arrived early and just started walking. It’s hard to get lost, but there are plenty of interesting nooks to relax in. After arriving at the fountain outside of the Natural History Museum, I was immediately struck by the architecture that appears to be a mixture of modern and gothic. There’s even a recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (which I sadly did not have time to visit). But it was the warm tones and classic structures of the Casa de Balboa, Casa del Prado and Spreckels Organ Pavilion that captivated my attention. And where the portrait sitting would inevitably take place.

After the sitting, I wandered over to the Rose Garden which was both entirely in bloom and quite breathtaking. I hadn’t realized that the garden was established in honor of the women that served on our Home Front during World War II. It was quite humbling and coincidental, as I had just concluded the portrait session with a young woman whom serves in the United States Navy. Each rose was a reminder of how incredibly fortunate I am personally and we are collectively for the many sacrifices that were made — and are still being made — in service to the freedoms we have all been afforded.

La Jolla Cove  |  2019

La Jolla Cove | 2019