Haiti Medical Team  |  2016

Haiti Medical Team | 2016


I think the first thing I noticed about Haiti was how beautiful everything was. We arrived at our basecamp near sunset, so I jumped out of the truck, grabbed my camera and pointed up. The sunset was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen before. Like a message etched in the sky itself reminding us how precious life can be. That no matter what we've experienced in our past, our best days still await us ahead.

These images were taken a couple weeks after Hurricane Matthew devastated the nation, leaving nearly 1,000 dead and so many thousands displaced. The dichotomy was tense, and in the moment it was difficult to absorb. But I took it as a reminder that no matter what we would witness ahead, there would be beauty and life and meaning as our outcome. And so it was.

And now, I'm heading back to Haiti on October 20th to document some incredible stories of passion, beauty and perseverance. Please remember us as we face uncertain weather conditions and outcomes. I've set up this blog to record my travels & will be making everything I shoot available to my host NGO, AmongTheReeds.org for the same purpose. ATR does amazing ongoing work in Haiti with a volunteer staff, and redirects nearly 97% of evert dollar donated to create meaningful change in the nation of Haiti.

To my friends in Haiti, I'm coming soon! I can't wait to see you again :)

Arrival in Port-au-Prince

Arrival in Port-au-Prince