THE Duality of Consiousness

A Study in Dark and Light


Creative Brief

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The impetus for our narrative arrives in the midst of a floral season signaling the rebirth of both the surrounding flora and the impetuousness of youth.  The reckless abandon that disregards futile notions of mortality and consequence casts looming shadows over the already and the not yet.  We are in a dreamlike state caught between sleep and wake.  Surrendering to the passion of ambition with a chilling lucidity of our impending departure.  The modality is more hallucination than reality embracing both the sacred and the profane.

Art Direction

We are in a dream like place resembling a childhood home with things both familiar and foreign.  We have a single set with three primary walls and an enclosure for the ceiling.  The set is dressed with minimalistic styling to appear as though ages have past since it was last occupied.  There are ten total vignettes, each resembling a journey from familiar to foreign, from peace to chaos, from serenity to nightmare, all with a delicacy to interpretation and execution.  Each vignette features a single protagonist and up to three additional characters—each additional character representing an opposing force within the dreamworld—all portrayed by the same model.

General Mood

General Color Palette

Muted spring tones with pops of Pantone SS/18.

Color Palette.jpg

General Fashion Styling

The duality of fabrics, colors and patterns.  Transparent and opaque.  Complimentary and tertiary.  Solid and frenetic.  Shiny and Matte.  As in a dream, with feelings so vivid yet always off balance.

Hair and Makeup Styling

Clean, editorial with pops of color.  Three different takes on our primary theme.

Set Direction

Minimalist, yet familiar.  An abandon corner of a once proud estate, now reduced to dust and decay, and filled with bouquets of flowers arranged for the living and the dead.